Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why does this thing happen? Before I thought that power interruptions or change power happens mostly during storms, but I noticed that our beloved main supplier of energy does this often. Is it due to maintenance or just a lousy tactics to make our electricity fluctuate and cause high readings on our meters? My main concern here is that, appliance will be broken with this! So aside from paying high for electricity it doubles the cost since you have to have your appliance repaired or worst buy a new one. Just the other day, it happened twice and today thrice! Can you believe that? That’s why, I had to buy a UPS for my PC. Nevertheless, the rest of the appliance is not using one. I really want to know the reason why they do that... I’m really mad about this but I know that when you call them they’re just going to give you those lousy answers assuming you don’t know what you are asking them, so I didn’t bother anymore. I just want to vent out this one and probably get some answers or thoughts from you guys... If you experience this kind of thing as well and if you have tips or suggestion what could help us prevent having faulty appliance due to this kind of power interruption.


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