Friday, September 12, 2008

It started last Monday when rain pours non-stop. I had difficulty going to the office, who didn’t? Yesterday, when I arrived in the office the air-conditioner is colder than normal, good thing I brought my jacket and I wore jeans ‘cause if not, my goodness I would be freezing to death. After having a meeting and some applications overview we went on a break, take note just a 15 minute break! One of my friends there, Norie wasn’t able to bring a jacket with her, so she asked me if I can accompany her to walk to the mall and buy one and probably grab some snack there... The moment we got in, we headed to the department store to look for a cute, simple and affordable jacket since payday is a few days away...HEHEHE... I was really amazed that she just looked around a few seconds and grabbed one over the other and then said ok this is it, I’ll get this! Me, I also shop fast specially if I know where and what I will be buying but normally I look around first just to double check ‘cause I might missed the good stuff on the rack, I was really laughing yesterday because honestly, that was the first time that I had a 15 minute shopping! Crazy, I know! But I enjoyed it!

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