Sunday, April 04, 2010

Lenten season just passed and of course after holidays back to work again tomorrow. I had a great time with my family I just wish my brother was here so he could have joined us. We went to church last Friday and went swimming today. We left the house around almost 8 this morning and arrived at Subic almost 10:30 am, we took the SCTEX, I would say that the fee is all worth it, no bumps during the ride and the wind is refreshing, so we had some grocery at the Duty Free because we didn’t pack lunch, this outing was unplanned. So we bought a couple of canned goods and breads, chips and sodas as well as some fruits. HAHAHA! We were sort of on a diet… We scout first for the resort and decided to go to White Rock, they say that it’s expensive well, my mom thinks that it’s worth it because the other resorts we look at was crowded and the cottages are far from the beach. We were charged 500 pesos per head and the table was around 2000 or more I think… So everyone is excited specially my nieces, if I’m not mistaken the last time we went swimming as in the whole family was 10 years ago… HAHAHA! They all went ahead to dip into the salty water even though it was tremendously HOT! Sadly, I didn’t get to swim because of personal reasons… HEHEHE! I just went sun bathing and walked for a bit on the sand while looking after our stuff. The kids really loved it specially, when they also went into the pool. There’s a man-made wave I think that’s what they’re after, they get to run to the water not afraid that they can’t reach the bottom because they can see what’s underneath so they know nothing or no one is going to pull their feet unlike in the ocean aside from the fact that they cannot really go too far, they get to have sands on their feet which makes them uncomfortable specially my youngest niece, she always makes her mom wash her feet and asks her dad to carry her… Weird kid! HAHAHA! We decided to go home almost 7pm already and supposedly it will take us 2 or 2.5 hours to arrived in Manila since we took the SCTEX again but unfortunately when we arrived at NLEX the traffic went really slow and we saw that there are 7 vehicles bumped into each other, combination of cars, provincial buses, mini vans, and normal size vans… I really can’t believe it that a road that wide they still get to have that kind of accident (well, that’s why you call it accident, duh! Sorry I’m sleepy already) anyway, we arrived home 10 minutes before 11pm and had some normal food as dinner and just took a bath to freshen up, wrote this and about to sleep. All in all it was a relaxing day for me away from the city. I just hope that it will happen again soon!


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