Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A couple of weeks back people in the office are so fond of FaceBook. They would really talk about everything they did and applications they have there. I for one have an account there but honestly I created it for one reason, to have the Fluff friends, I find them cute but the rest of the features I ignored. Then, of course some of them found me and added in their contacts... sent me lots of invitations and as my usual self, still I ignored. I just find it complicated or maybe I just don’t have the interest to expound the usage of it. I can’t even update my blog I would say, why would I bother there? But I being bitchy sometimes would just blurt out what’s on my mind knowing that in the end I would end up doing things that I never thought I would. Sorry... now I’m one of them... Geez! Stupid me.


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