Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have been a perfume addict just recently and I don’t know why. I remember before that I’m not interested on wearing any of the perfumes given to me and would end up my sister using. I know that it’s important you look and smell fresh but before taking a shower is enough besides I always get a headache when I wear perfumes. However, I really think that as time passes your taste would change & tolerance improved as well. HAHAHAHA

Now, I can say that I can’t live without perfumes. I suddenly consider that as part of my hygienic routine. When I forget to spray on my perfume, there were times that I’d really buy one right then because I feel uncomfortable and gets me conscious that I might stink specially when you go to restaurants or food court, my goodness the smell of the place would really stay on your clothes and I really hate it!

I‘m not sure when it started but as I can recall I started to be fond of scents when I went overseas, I perhaps got influenced by the people around me and get me to realize that not all perfumes would cause me headaches and runny nose. Here are the perfumes I use; they’re on top of my list! Bvlgari White, Hugo for Women, Banana Republic for Men (It last longer and not too sweet smelling than for Women), Clinique Happy for Men as well, GAP Dream More, Pleasures by Estee Lauder and 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera.

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  1. eva said...
    wow dami pabango. penge naman.hehe


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