Monday, November 17, 2008

In life, we have to make decisions. We are afraid that it will upset someone. It is difficult because whatever decisions you make there is someone that will feel pain, someone that will not understand what you did or why you did it. Chances are those that can’t or won’t understand will blame you, will put every little mistake on you without even thinking of the efforts you have exerted. Those little sweet nothings you made, the attention you have given. They say that you have to use your brain to make decision, rational ones but what if you are confused? And what if it’s the matters of the heart? I believe that it is better to just follow your heart, listen to what is within you and then balance it, think it through, then let it out... I know that it’s easier said than done in spite of this, there should be something that you have to come out with... the final verdict!

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  1. eva said...
    wow nice thought mami. galing.

    cristy paupdate naman ng link ko sa blog mo.

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