Saturday, November 29, 2008

It’s really different today here in the office. This is the very first time that I experienced no work and just relaxing time. Yes, it is because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. It started yesterday that we just do some of the requests and on the latter part we get to goof around. I really enjoy being here… New friends, new work and of course new adventure! Yippee!!! I still have a lot of things to do ‘because I haven’t reached at least half of the book I need to read and the forms that needs to be submitted, I’m slacking… I know! Just really need to have some rest and will be back on track. I should prepare my schedule for next week and make sure to follow it or else. Christmas is near and I haven’t thought of the gifts to buy for my loved ones… I’m thinking to just buy them when I get back to Jakarta next year, because there a lot of cute stuff there which are cheaper so I get to buy them more. Although I am not quite sure if I will be joining my mom and dad since the fare is a bit high already and we don’t have a specific date yet, since it will depend on my big brother’s schedule. Hopefully, on the second week of February so I can get to use my holiday. Think…think… I need to get back to work… Just slip up here to update.


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