Friday, March 13, 2009

Bath Stuff!

Yet again another site that I came across overwhelmed me. The past few months I’ve been looking for new stuff that I could buy to redecorate my place. I’ve been starting from the little stuff first before I go to the huge ones that would definitely need budget preparation. So, I started looking for bath accessories. What I have is an ideal standard bathroom. I planned of having kudos shower and tub so during my off I could have some relaxing time with a glance of wine. Hehehe! I like this Royce Morgan Bolton Free Standing Bath, simple and elegant looking and of course white one will match everything.

I wanted everything spic and span so aside from the tub, I wanted to have quite big bathroom cabinet where I can put my toiletries in order, and with this I want the Keuco Royal Plus Mirror Cabinet. A nice & cozy lighting will be great as well. Definitely this would match the rest, a Keuco Alea Wall Light. My God! I don’t think I can stop admiring these. I just wish that I could find these here. I can’t wait to have these!


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