Saturday, March 06, 2010

After the holidays, there are quite a bunch of things happened that I could say unexpected in terms of professional aspects. I am now working for a different and new company which I feel really blessed that the New Year has started well for me. I’m in still in the same line of work but much better opportunities are in store for us. I feel both happiness and sadness with this sudden decision but I know that this will do me well. I hope that my blog mates will continue to follow me and visit my site even though I don’t update that much, the more now that I am concentrating in learning new things for my job. I will try my best to post more and hopefully pictures as well. I’m really happy and excited as I embark this new journey of my life.


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  1. What would you do in heaven said...
    Hi! I'm glad I was able to see your site. ;-) Last November, I've also moved out from my old job which I had for 10 years. It isn't easy, but there's a blessing each day that God continues to send. Have a nice weekend! This is Joyce of I Take Off The Mask

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