Thursday, August 27, 2009

It’s my rest day! Yippeee! Yeah I know! It has been almost a month since I last updated and didn’t even bother posting pictures from my last trip in HK. Well, sorry about that but until now I haven’t gotten the pictures because my friend Jayson is still busy doing a lot of things in the office so he doesn’t have the time to send it to me sigh! What else? Hmm... My friend’s wife just gave birth to a baby girl, she’s super cute even only saw her on pictures just congratulated him today... HEHEHE! My friend Gracie’s birthday is today which supposedly I’ll be joining them to go out of town this weekend but such a bummer I’m on a weekend duty in the office so I have to skip that. Also, last week Jeff and I planned of going out later or tomorrow since it’s my off from work but I guess he is too busy studying for his certification exam, so far I don’t have anything to do outside home, will sleep for a while since I wanted to at least rest my eyes from the monitor. Really what a boring day! Wishing that later will go out with friends.


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