Sunday, December 21, 2008

Strange it may seem but I guess that is what really life is... Full of criticism, it may be good or bad, depends on how you are going to accept it. I know I have changed, been better! Less tactless, more thoughtful and friendly however, we can never please everybody. Difficult as we may say, indeed! As for me, I always do try my best to be a good friend. I always say that what you see is what you get... And that is really me! If I don’t like a person because of what he/she does I say so, of course in a way that I won’t be offending but sometimes I try not to interfere because they might think that I sound like their parents and besides I have no right to do so like such. In a way, I do think that if you are a true friend then you will do whatever it takes to help out a person to be better! So right now, I am confused and honestly, been thinking very deep on how or what should I do? You may say that I’m making a big deal out of it. Well every little thing makes a big thing, so we have to solve or pay attention to the little things first before working on the big things. I have been reflecting and being thorough to details in my life and wanted to change what needs to be changed. With what I’ve been through, I felt more conscious of the things that I’ve been doing and what I could do towards anyone. As much as possible, I want to live the life the Lord wants us to live by. I know and I understand that it may be difficult because of the norms we got used to nevertheless, it’s worth a try!

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    Merry Christmas!

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